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Oprah’s Life Class with Iyanla Talking About Raising Strong Boys

Thanks to an invitation to my facebook friend Jill, I was invited to go to a taping of Oprah’s Life Class in Chicago. I of course jumped on the chance to go, not evening knowing the topic. When I heard the session I was going to was Iyanla talking about single moms and there was […]

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What I ate March 8

Change Challenge Day 3 – What I ate Today and Exercise

Today was a bit more on track than yesterday, I went for a 20 minute job around the neighborhood, which I noticed made a big difference in my eating for the day! I got in my 10,000.  3,000 were running in place and around my condo.  All in all, I ate more than I should […]

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What I ate March 7

Change Challenge Day 2 – What I ate Today & Daily Exercise

I couldn’t find my fitbit and ate wayyy to much.  I kept track of the food, for the most part.  I’m fairly convinced that I’ll never be able to get off of these diet pills.  The second I stop, I start eating up a storm again.  I’m up 5 lbs so I started taking them […]

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Invitation to Change Challenge with Me

So once again, I’m starting my diet and I’d like to invite you all along this time.  I’ve been slacking and eating whatever I’d like, not doing what I say exercise wise and it bugs me.  What I’ve learned over the past few months is that I do much better in a pack than I […]

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