Building Back After an Injury

First of all, thanks to Andrea Metcalf ( for taking the time to train me the other day.   I met Andrea when I took part in her “Naked Fitness Challenge” where I learned a ton about healthy eating and also went from not being able to jog around the block to run/jogging 5 miles and she’s been nice enough to offer to create a training program for me.

Andrea is a fitness expert on the NBC Today Show, readers of the, and weekly NBC and segments.  I feel very lucky to have her as my fitness coach.

I was a little scared to work out since I have problems with my knee and shoulder from a car accident, but I told her about my injuries and she catered the workout around them.   We worked several muscle groups and I felt the amazing burn that was a cross between,” Wow, this feels great” and “What the heck did I get myself into. “  What I loved most about the workout was that got close to my injured areas was strengthening and healing.  Nothing hurt.

As a total added bonus – as if getting back into shape isn’t enough, Andrea gave me samples of some yummy jerky from  They have a variety of jerky ranging from beef sirloin with cranberries and blueberries to teriyaki chicken breast with mango and papaya.  I called and ordered a 24 pack to try out all the flavors.  Each stick only has 50 calories and 12 grams of protein.

My muscles feel a little achy today – but in a good way.  We are going to work out again next week and ‘till then, I’m going to work out virtually with Andrea via her “Pain Free Neck and Back” video that I got during my participation in the Naked Fitness program.

Now that I have my cardo in shape, I’m totally into integrating weight training into my weekly work out schedule.

Here’s a link to one of Andrea’s videos on Sexy Legs!!

It’s easy to get fit if you just do a little every day.

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