Celebrating the New Year!

Eve of the Eve

I always love when New Years Eve comes around, not because of New Years Eve, but because of Eve of the Eve a black tie fundraiser at Union Station that’s you guessed it, on the 30th.  The event is amazing for a few reasons:

  1.  It’s a great reason to get all glammed up and go out with friends
  2. It’s a New Years Eve celebration, without out the stress of fighting for a cab on the way home
  3. There are a lot of single people there (which is nice now that I’m out and looking to date again)
  4. Fantastic crowd of both people I know and new people

This year did not disappoint, it was PACKED and the energy was amazing.  I went with my friend Jackie, who’s just fun to hang out with.  We met up with a larger group which is definitely the way to go.

New Years Eve

Hyatt Ballroom Blitz

I usually go to Eve of the Eve and call it a day, or go to a mellow house party, but this year I was lucky enough to be invited to two parties.  The first was the Ballroom Blitz at the Hyatt.  Thanks to Jennifer Kedinger for providing me and a friend with a ticket to the event.

The room was FILLED with partygoers dancing to music and enjoying a fantastic spread (really fantastic – the salmon was my friend’s and my favorite.) They also had a large dessert table that I didn’t get a chance to try out.

The crowd was bit younger. I’d say 25 – 35 and very coupley.  It was fun to see a few social media pals there as well.  As an added bonus, if you were outside looking east on Wacker at about 8pm and midnight there was a spectacular fireworks show.   They also had specials on rooms so you could party responsibly.

Entrepreneurial Bash

After spending some time at the Hyatt, my friend and I went onto the Adler Planetarium for the Inaugural Entrepreneurial Bash.  The Planetarium is an absolutely breathtaking venue set on Lake Michigan.   The space is huge, so the crowd of about 400 people was fairly spread out ‘till the fireworks display at midnight.  We saw lot’s of familiar faces and some good conversations.

I took off shortly after midnight, and was completely happy that getting a cab was a total snap.  Yellow Cab has a fantastic service where I can text  and get a cab right away.  I also heard that newcomer Uber was also out in full force.

So all in all, whether I go out to the Eve of the Eve, NYE or both, going with a group definitely makes for a good time.

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