Everyone Loves Snow White…

Everyone loves Snow White and no one likes the Wicked Witch.  Think about it.  Well, ok, the WW doesn’t like Snow White, but that’s because she’s jealous.  People rally around Snow to help her, even the WW’s staff went behind her back to help Snow out.  We love puppies and babies and get up in arms when someone hurting one.  We also get closer fighting against an evil force (ex. Michael Vic.)

Everything we do Moves us Closer to or Further from our Goal…

The takeaway from this is that we can act however we’d like in a given situation, but whatever we do moves us closer to or further away from our goals and the people who love us.   Some people are fighters and some people do everything the can do to avoid conflict.  I’ve recently turned into later.  Conflict is stressful for EVERYONE involved, not just the people who are fighting.  I’ve also realized that people do and say things when they feel attacked that they wouldn’t normally do and also that it’s ok to be the first one to extend an olive branch.

The Pressure Isn’t Worth it

Imagine you are standing a few feet apart from someone, you each lean in and put your hands up against each other’s as hard as you can,  You are just far enough away from each other that you are supporting each other’s weight so much that if one of you moves, the other will fall.  The pressure of pushing against someone is uncomfortable, but you feel like you have to keep it up to stay standing.  Now imagine, just for a second, that you release your hands and jump to the side.  You might falter a little, but you will catch yourself and be fine.  But the person who was still applying pressure, they will most likely fly forward and land on their face.

Think about this the next time you run into a situation where you feel like you are at conflict with someone.  It’s ok to step aside, toss out an olive branch etc.


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