EVO Product Evaluation Day 2 – Nature’s Path

We were welcomed to the EVO Conference with a goody bad of lots of great swag, including a variety of treats from Nature’s Path.   Not only did they have treats waiting for us when we got there, they also provided breakfast two mornings of the event.  One of the days was sponsored and the other was more informal, but much appreciated.

Who Knew Gluten Free Tasted so Good?

The first morning of the event, Nature’s Path hit a home run with breakfast Paninis that featured their gluten free waffles.  I’ve tried gluten free foods a lot, especially breads.  My impression had been pretty negative and I’d never willingly pull something gluten free off the shelf at the super market, but these Paninis were really delish. My favorite was the pesto/sun dried tomato one. I must have had have a dozen!

They had pancakes the next morning for breakfast, also gluten free.  It would have been nice to have some protein along with the carbs, but my guess is that Nature’s Path has a no meat philosophy.


Gluten Free vs.  Non-Gluten Free Waffle Panini

 We (my marketing assistant and I) decided to make each panini with spinach, goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes.  There were several options of both gluten free and regular Nature’s Path waffles to choose from.  We selected the Pomagran Plus regular waffle and HomeStyle gluten free waffle.  There was definitely a difference in taste.  On a side to side basis, the non-gluten free version tasted slightly better.  It’s good to know that if I had to go gluten free, I could have some tasty food options.  In fact, I’m finding several companies that are producing gluten free options that far exceed the cardboard options available only a few years ago.

The Big Difference was the Calories, Fat and Carbs!

Wow! I’m glad I’m a label reader.  The gluten free options has more than double the fat 10g vs. 4.5g in the regular, Almost 100 more calories per serving 270 vs. 160 and 44g of carbs vs. 2g.

All and all, I’m going to stick with the regular waffles.  I’m also going to start looking much more labels as I evaluate if I want to go gluten free or not.




The question is:  Do you eat only gluten free foods?  If so, what have you found that tastes good and is gluten free?


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2 Responses to “EVO Product Evaluation Day 2 – Nature’s Path”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog.. I never knew that Gluten Free Waffle Panini can also taste good… Thank you for sharing the information.


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    […] They also took a step up in being recognized as a healthy brand.  What I mean by this is that before the event, I have purchased healthy products.  I usually go to the organic food isle in the Jewel, or walk through Whole Foods and assume everything is healthy.  Besides Amy’s or Kashi, healthy food was somewhat of a commodity. I didn’t think about brands.  When I got home, I went to the store and looked specifically for Nature’s Path.  I was also more aware of gluten free vs. non-gluten free items.  I purchased both gluten free and regular versions of cereal and waffles. I did a head to head  A/B split taste test.  Check out my blog for the product review. […]