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The following post is from Kathy Kaehler, best selling author and fitness expert.  To find our more about Kathy, visit http://www.kathykaehler.net/

Did you make a weight loss resolution? Don’t worry you are not alone.  Whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 50, I have found something that is so easy, so healthy and so yummy that you will crave it.

Exciting News

I have an exciting partnership that is going to be announced on January 4th, but you get to find out first.  I have joined up with the extremely successful supplement company Usana.  They are based in Utah and I have toured the factory where these supplements are made.  Seeing it first hand was the reason I had to join Usana as their spokesperson.  I would never take another type of supplement after seeing what I saw at Usana.

The program that I think is perfect for right now is RESET.  The RESET program can help you lose 2-5 pounds in the first week and the ingredients are low glycemic to help control carb cravings.  For 5 days I have done two shakes a day and a fabulous dinner and let me tell you about the shakes.  They taste like I am at the best hamburger stand in town that has the thickest, creamiest shake around.  You will feel full for a long time.  Between you and I, I have have been doing my RESET for 4 days and it is working.  To check it out please visit my new site www.kathykaehler.net and go to my shop.  I hope you love what you see.

It’s Time to get Started!

I started with asking you about a weight loss resolution and now I would love to know if you have any workout plans or new exercise habits that you are trying to adopt?  We must be active and find ways to incorporate activity into our day everyday.  This year I am going to be giving you tips and ideas on ways to do that.  Below you will find a five minute workout that you can do at home, in front of the tv, in the office  or on the road.  All you need is a stop watch or a clock with a second hand.  Repeat the five minute workout a few times every other day for a week or two.  You will see how easy it is to get active and stay active.


Each exercise is done for one minute.  There are only five exercises. Push yourself hard for the one minute.

1.  Run in place or march with high knees in place.  Swing arms naturally.

2.  Jumping Jacks.

3.  Twist Dance.  Twist side to side like the dance with the arms up over your head.  Think 60’s.

4.  Rockettes Kicks.  Kick high as you can without adding the jump or kick high and hop on the non kicking leg.  Alternate legs for one minute.

5.  Toe touch windmill.  Stand tall arms out to the side.  Reach with straight arms down and touch the opposite toe.  Come up and do the opposite side.

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