Finding Hearts

heart in Tuesday's food bowl

It started with a heart left by Tuesday, the goofy 6-toed cat, in his food bowl. As smart as the little guy is, I don’t actually think my cat is an artist, nor do I think he knows what he did. Completely random, it still captured my attention.




Fast forward a few months to the day I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ruth Kaiser, author of Spontaneous Smiley, a book that captures photos of smiley faces that appear in every day objects.  Once Ruth set out to capture these images, they magically popped-up everywhere.  Ruth is such a powerful author that she has over 3,000 in her Facebook group who she has inspired seek out smiley faces in every day things as well.

I thought, “Hmmm (yes, I actually think hmmm, when I’m thinking), wouldn’t it be cool if there was something I could see in everyday objects.”  I immediately remembered back to Tuesday’s food bowl and decided that I was on a quest to find hearts.  Beyond the metaphorical significance, finding hearts just felt like the right thing to be looking for.

Guess what happened next?  That’s right! I couldn’t go a day without finding harts.  On the way to grab something from the store, on my jogs and even in my condo!!  Hearts were everywhere.  Then it struck me.  These hearts were right were they were the whole time, I just never noticed them.  Once I started looking, I saw them everywhere.  So really, assuming the theory that you find what you are looking for is true, ANY of us could find what we are looking for just by thinking about it. Right?

hearts in shower        

So what baffles me is that despite my full belief in the power of attraction, I’ve been breaking my own rules by thinking about what I DON’T want instead of what I’m actually craving. And yes, I do think the universe hears the negative and serves it up on a silver platter.

Well, starting today, with the hearts as my proof, I’m ONLY thinking about what I am looking for. I’m writing it down every morning and If I slip up, I’ll just point myself back in the right direction.  From my own experience, I know this is MUCH harder than it sounds, so if you hear me talking about anything EXCEPT what I want, you have full permission to call me out.


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