First Weigh-in of the New Year…..

It’s the first weigh-in of the year, which seemed like an appropriate time to set-up new goals and a little structure for The Year of Hope.  So here’s what to expect from my blog in 2012

Monday Weigh-in
Pretty or not, I’m going to continue to post my progress from week to week.  I’ll talk about went went well and what didn’t had hopefully pick up some tips along the way.

Tuesday Tips
I’ve been learning a lot about health and fitness.  Tuesday Tips will focus on talking about my favorite things to do, places to go and product reviews.

Night on the Town
These will be periodic posts about what to do in the city.  Girls Nights out and hopefully some date nights too…

So for now, drum roll please…. Weigh-in #1 of 2012

It isn’t pretty, and I’ve made a huge revelation – I’m HUGE.  Let’s say fat.  I was a size 3/4 in college and thought I was fat then.  I now look back at those pics and have no idea of what I was thinking.   Ditto for when I was a size 5/6 in my early 30’s.  Now I’m teetering on a size 16 and am pretty sure that this is what fat actually looks like.  I’m also very sure that it’s time to start getting off the lbs and getting back to a more reasonable size — my goal is a 10.  I look good in a 10 and it’s a healthy weight.

Me skinny, I thought I was fat…


I try every day to eat right and work out more.  I have been working out more.  I actually really like to work out, so that isn’t an issue. In fact, I like working out so much that I’ll be reviewing various health clubs over the next several weeks and then picking one to join at the end, so watch out for reviews and if you belong to one of the clubs I’m reviewing, I’d love to work out together!!  More to come tomorrow on that.

It’s the eating right that’s hard for me…

Eating right has been particularly hard for me.  I like to eat healthy foods, but also have realized that sugar, cheese and carbs are my crack.  I try to track what I eat every day but tend to stop tracking when I hit 1,500 calories or eat something I think I shouldn’t track.  I get that’s completely counter productive.  I used to have so much self control, so not sure what’s going on with my eating.

It started out looking good and I was down to 183, which isn’t fabulous, but it’s better than my top weight of 188 (ouch!)  I’m now back up to 186,8 and not happy about it.  I hate the way I look, don’t like it that I can’t just throw something on and leave the house and absolutely can’t stand the way I feel physically. There was actually one time when I really wanted to go out to a party with a friend at the last minute.  It was kind of dressy and when I realized I was too big to fit into anything in my closet, I was really upset over the realization that I couldn’t go out because I literally had nothing to wear.

So enough complaining, I’m going to make a few commitments her and ask for some help.

What I’m going to do to make a difference


Really, this is so easy.  I have online and just added to my phone.  The phone app isn’t super great, but for now I’m going to go with it.

2.  Stick to 1,500 calories a day

This might not be so easy.  AND I might use a trick I learned in weightwatchers – start counting calories at dinner.  This way, if I have a late night craving or eat a lot at night, which I tend to do, I can make up for it in the am.  Yes, I know, it’s better not to eat a lot at night, but that’s better than just eating too much each day.

3.  Eat more fruit and veggies than anything else

This advice comes from a few smart women I’m lucky enough to call friends.  Barbara Rozgonyi and Andrea Metcalf who both recommended that I focus on what I can eat and not what I can’t eat — soo think about eating a lot of veggies and fruit (I’m cool with veggies and fruit.  MUCH cooler with cheese and chocolate, but I can adjust.  I’m also going to make it easy to grab some fruit or cut up veggies.

4.  Go shopping

It’s time to go shopping to get a few outfits that flatter my current figure.  I like my curves, so I don’t mind showing them off.  I’m just a little too curvy and as stated above, I feel like crap.  I know I don’t look perfect, but I do look better in clothes that fit and also flatter my figure.  The goal is to get a few outfits that will flatter and that are spandex so I can wear them as the weight comes off as well.

What can you do to help you ask?

Thanks for asking.  I’d love your support as I try to get back into shape and feel better physically.  Here’s what you can do to help.

1.  Don’t tell me I’m not fat.  It doesn’t help to enable me.  Ok, I might look particularly good one night and I appreciate the compliment, but if I say I feel fat, which I’ll try not to say, please don’t tell me I don’t look fat.  I know I do and any positive reinforcement of me weighing this much isn’t necessary.

2. Let’s try to eat healthy together! I still want to be social, so let’s find healthy places to go together.  I’m also fairly hell bent on finding healthy things to eat wherever I go.  Please don’t suggest we get the blue cheese fries, ’cause chances are I might take you up it and regret it.  I get that I have to have self control, but a little nudge if I’m thinking about ordering something unhealthy is appreciated.

3.  Let’s work out together!  It would be great to have a work out partner. I’m trying out some health clubs over the next several weeks, so let me know which health club you belong to and if I’m going to hit your club, I’ll let you know and we can work out together.

Good or not, here’s where I’m at.  Hopefully next weeks post will be more promising…




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5 Responses to “First Weigh-in of the New Year…..”

  1. Ok I won’t tell you you aren’t fat but I will say it’s all relative. Your current size is my goal size! At a 16 I feel great. Tons of energy and just feeling good. I really need to get back there!!

  2. You’ll do great Hope! We’re in this together. I remember thinking I was fat in high school when I was a 9. Now I’m a 16 or 18 depending on the clothes. I wish I was as fat now as I was then!

  3. thanks to both of you!!! Lisa, good luck on meeting your goal, and Paula, I’d love to share healthy recipes

  4. Did your blog eat my comment?

  5. I love how you say my skinny and I thought I was fat. This was something my friends and I laughed about last weekend.

    I too just started to get on a healthier eating regiment and adding exercise. I’ll do updates on Mondays.