Getting in Shape Essentials – Fitbit, Polar and product review

As I’m getting back in shape, there are a few basics that have been essential to helping to get on track. If you’re a numbers person like me, you like these items too.  They will help you get a handle on your eating and working out – two important aspects of the weight loss equation.


There are several websites that track calorie information – my favorite is – it’s an website and as a result, their catalog of searchable food items is huge!  They have an app as well so you can track your meals on the go.

2.  Fitbit


LOVE my fit bit! It’s like a pedometer on steroids.  You can see from the pic that it’s a tiny, black clip on device that tracks steps, mileage and calories burned.  You can purchase them at www.fitbit.comfor about $100.  I purchased mine on Ebay when they were backordered at the Fitbit website – I paid $175 for mine.  All of your information is synced onto your personal webpage.  You just have to have the fitbit usb device plugged into your computer.  If you walk within 15 feet of the device, the info is transmitted to your  web page—sooo cool.

What I love about the fitbit: it’s very convenient to just clip on and go.  It’s also helpful having a visual representation of how many steps I’ve gone each day.  I was so floored to discover that on days when I’m just sitting at my computer I go less than 1,500 steps – floored to the point that it was like a slap in the face.  No wonder I gained 35 lbs!! If the average person should go 10k steps a day and I’m wasn’t event going 2,000 the mystery started to unfold.

Now I make a conscientious effort to walk / jog 45 minutes or more each morning and then in the evening if necessary.  I also try to make time to take public transportation, which increases steps as I get myself to the el / bus

What could be better: I’ve  lost the fitbit while working out and had to get a new one. Thanks to fitbit for sending me a new one for free.  Ditto for putting it through the wash by mistake.  It would be really helpful if it had some sort of eye hole on the back so it could be attached to a belt loop.    It would also be cool if it were some sort of neon color so I wouldn’t forget to remove it before washing.  It’s also been around a year since I got my latest one and it’s been acting wonky. Still working, but at $100 I would hope it lasts longer.  The accuracy on mileage is also off compared to the Garmin, which I’m assuming is more precise because it bases mileage off the gps

3. Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar heart rate monitor:  I’ve been using a Polar heart rate monitor for years! It tracks my heart rate and calories burned while working out.

What I love about my Polar: Tracking my heart rate during workouts has been essential to my weight loss progress.  When I first starting using the polar, I found that I was actually working out too hard!  I learned that by keeping my heart rate in a fat burning zone rather than a cardio zone, I would burn more fat. I also get in a few cardio workouts a week as that helps keep my heart healthy.

What could be better: It drives me BONKERS that you have to send your polar in to get the battery changed. What drives me MORE BONKERS is that I can’t figure out where to send it.  I have about three of them because the battery keeps wearing out and I don’t want to be without one, so I get a new one.  My last one lasted less than a year.  I’d like to just get new batteries in the extras so I have them on deck when needed.


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