Healthy Snacks

If you are anything like me, you’re ready to gnaw your arm off by the time you get home from a busy day of meetings.  You want to grab something FAST to curb your hunger ’till you have the chance to make dinner.   Sadly, many easy to grab food items, at least in my house, involved cheese, chocolate, pizza, more cheese, etc.  By the time dinner is ready, I’ve wolfed down over 500 junk food calories.

To fix my unhealthy quick food situation, I’ve replaced the high carb / calorie items with more healthy, but still easy to grab options.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1.  Trader Joe’s Lentils 

 These pre-cooked lentils are packed with protein and fiber. They are delicious right out of the box, sprinkled with lime juice.  It takes about two minutes to break off a chunk, sprinkle with lime juice, making it a great alternative to a chunk of cheese and crackers.  Besides being tasty, the lentils are very filling, making it the perfect snack to grab on the fly.


2.  Rainier Cherries

 The much sweeter sister to the typical cherry, Rainier cherries are sweet and delicious.  They are like eating candy, without the refined sugar.  Make sure to check these delicious cherries soon. They are only in season in June and early July.

3.  Greek Yogurt

Besides being the perfect substitute for sour cream, plain, non fat Greet yogurt is a yummy snack.  I like mine with fresh strawberries.  Don’t bother with the fruit versions, which are mostly filled with refined sugar and packed with carbs.

4. Fresh Veggies and Fruit

In addition to my favorites mentioned above, apples, bananas, carrots and celery make great healthy snacks.  The trick is to make sure they are WASHED and ready to grab and go.  I stressed washed since there are so many pesticides on our fruits and veggies these days that it’s important to make sure we aren’t eating unhealthy chemicals.   Here’s a list of the “dirty dozen” which are the most important fruits and veggies to purchase organic, since they are more pours and easily suck up the pesticides.  Organic or not, veggies and fruit should always be washed before eaten.

Edible Cuts are a great option if you are in a rush.  These pre-packaged fruits and veggies are all natural and pre-washed.  They are my favorite pre-cut options since they are all natural.

That’s my list.  I’m sure there are more quick to grab healthy items, so I’ll add to the list as I find new favorites.  ‘Till then, please let me know some of your favorites…


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3 Responses to “Healthy Snacks”

  1. I’m a fan of air popped popcorn. I then spray with I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter Spray.

  2. My worst time for snacking is night time. I just want to grab everything and eat. Thanks for this list. I’ve never heard of Trader Joe’s Lentils. They sound delish.

  3. Connie, I do the same thing. How to you curb your late night cravings? The TJ’s lentils are delish!! Having some for breakfast.

    Lisa – I forgot about popcorn. Very filling