I Continue to Wonder What Motivates Some People

Have you ever met a person who’s just nasty for no reason?  You know, the childish, passive aggressive type.  For some reason there is a person who does such ridiculous things I had to laugh today.   I friend had contacted me, asking if I knew anyone who would be interested in a particular project.  She didn’t give me details, but said to refer anyone interested to her. Long story short, I posted  just that into a few groups I belong to.  For some reason, someone in the group felt they had to jump in (SECONDS) after I posted the posted telling everyone who their contact was and to be sure that everyone tell the contact that they had sent them.  The person then proceed to post the information in other groups.

Why are some people so small.  Ultimately, if people found out about the project — no matter how they found this out, it’s a good thing.  It was like they were saying, “Look at me, look at me.”  Whatever.  They came across as looking very small. I had two people call me laughing about it and telling me how silly it made them look.

I hope this person is able to take a BIG, deep breath and realize that there is enough room for everyone to be successful and they don’t need to do silly things that show they are jealous and not a team player.  Ok, now that that’s off my chest, back to being awesome.


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