I’m having a hard time and I’d like your help

About 25 days ago on July 10th, I started my 100 Day Challenge along with some good friends who all had amazing intentions.  My goals seemed pretty simple.  Getting back to a healthy weight  and reconnecting with good friends who I’ve lost touch with.  Both my losing touch with good friends and gaining weight are such vicious symptoms of only focusing on my business, almost 24/7!

The first several days went gang-busters.  I started WeightWatchers, had a great work out streak going and was making plans to reconnect left and right.  I even was v-logging or writing about my progress.  Then, I did what I always do.  I worked – a lot.  And I didn’t pay any attention to my eating and I canceled plans with friends.   Working is an easy excuse for me.  I love what I do with a huge passion.

But it’s not healthy and I don’t like the way I feel and things have to change.  I weigh more than I ever have in my life and I really miss having fun just for funs sake and being with good people.  I start every day thinking “this is going to be the day that I only eat 23 points.”  It starts out good, but then either I have a lunch or evening event to go to and let myself get sucked into eating bad food.  If I don’t have any outside events, I’m still not in the clear.  I have an open floor plan office and my  “office” is right next to my kitchen.

These are all just excuses, but I can’t seem to get my eating under control.  So, I’m going to reach out and ask for all of your support.

  • When you see my status message about my morning workout, PLEASE cheer me on.  I know it sounds silly, but it does make a HUGE difference.
  • Please keep me accountable when you see me out at events or when we are out at lunch and I could be ordering salad and passing on dessert.   I love spending time with you all, but feel like I have to lock myself in my place so that I’m not tempted to eat unhealthy foods when I go out.
  • Please share your stories and tell me how you lost weight.  What are your tricks for passing on the fatty food you know you should be staying away from.

And this is what I commit to…

  • Sticking to my weightwatcher points – that’s it.  No excuses
  • I’ll share my progress weekly, via the weightwatchers scale above.  I’m not proud of it and Can’t believe I weigh this much. I was 110 dripping wet all through high school and college and eating healthy was never a problem.  I totally need to reconnect with this part of who I know I am.
  • 3 – 4 days of cardio a week – this is never a problem for me in the summer.  I love getting up early and jogging or bike riding.
  • 10,000 steps a day
  • I will find a study resource for weight training and stick to it.
  • Reconnecting with 100 Day Challenge friends and writing/vlogging every day.  It makes a huge difference.  Posts will include how the day went and what I am thankful for which is a big part of bringing my intentions into existence.
  • If I haven’t posted in a few days. Please check in and ask me why.

That’s all for now…..Thanks for listening and for your support!!

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