Jockey Sports Bra & Purex Crystals Product Reviews

One of my favorite aspects of The Year of Hope is that I get to try out new healthy and fitness related products and tell you all about them.   Thanks to Jockey and Purex, I was lucky enough to try out not only one, but two products.  Jockey’s moisture wicking sports bra and Purex Crystals.

The Jog Bra

For me, who’s a bit on the more full figured side, the particular sports bra that Jockey sent was perfect for light activity, such as power walking, but not ideal for high impact sports.  I did appreciate the wicking feature which helped to keep things dry post workout.  I would highly recommend Jockey’s sports bras in general.  You can check out their sports bras here.  They very conveniently have them listed by low – high impact, so you can choose which fit is best for you.  Keep in mind, they typically run small in size.



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Purex Crystals

I don’t normally use fabric softener, so it was nice to try something different.  The crystals have a pleasant, but not overpowering scent and made a huge difference in the softness and smell of my clothes.  The most noticeable difference was my pillow case.  It was so soft and smelled so good that it made it hard to get out of bed.  On the washing of the wicking jog bra front, I learned something new; the oil that is in most fabric softeners ruins the wicking.  It was refreshing (pun COMPLETELY intended) to find out that Purex Cyrstals are 100% oil free and 92% natural.




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