First off, thank you to Blagica Bottigliero and her team for inviting me to Motorola’s #motochic Women’s Night Out Fashion Event.  It was an evening full of seeing friends, fashion and the latest Motorola technology.

One of the biggest surprises of the night was that Motorola had just launched a new fitness device, the MOTOACTV.  It’s a GPS, MP3 player, heart rate monitor and pedometer all rolled up into a slick, thin, black square that fits into a red and black wrist band, arm band or clip.   Motorola was nice enough to send me a MOTOACTV to take for a test drive.

This is the main screen that's displayed when the workout monitoring is off. It shows the time, calories burned and steps for the day.

Motorola MOTOACTV wokout screen

This screen shows workout time, mileage, pace, calories burned and current heart rate.

GPS function allows you to see your path and mileage.










Given the mild weather around the holiday, I was able to go on a few runs on the lakefront to check out the GPS function and also went to the gym a few times to try the other workout settings.   The device is full of features valuable to anyone interested in tracking their performance such as pace, split times, mileage, steps taken heart rate and calories burned.  Setting up the ACTV to sync with itunes and downloading playlists to the device was extremely easy and only took a few minutes.  The device gets to know you and plays songs based on your performance. If you decide you want to skip or go back to a particular song, you can easily go from the workout screen to the music screen by just holding down the music button at the top of the device. The MOTOACTV is great for monitoring overall performance, which can be tracked online at

 One of the Benefits of the MOTOACTV is the Consolidation of Several Devices into One

I had all this with me when going for a long run -- including two watches!! (my Polar and Garmin)

Much simpler with only the ACTV!

The ACTV is incredibly easy to use and also portable since this one little unit replaced my ipod, Garmin GPS watch, Polar heart rate monitor and Fitbit.  The 16Gig holds about 4,000 songs and costs $299.99  the 8Gig is  $249.99 and holds 2,000 songs.  Right now, both come with a free wrist strap.  You can purchase a heart rate monitor for an additional $69.99, arm band for $29.99 and if you want to go really high tech, you can purchase wireless headphones for $129.99.  This sounds  a little expensive, but not when you consider how much it would cost if you purchased an MP3 player and something to track your work outs separately.

So, Now You Want One, Right?!  Enter Motorola’s Contest for a Chance to Win Your Very Own.

Motorola is giving away 100 ACTV’s in a contest on Facebook.  Head on over to their fan page for a chance to win!



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