Naked Fitness Re-cap – Day 1

Naked Fitness Makeover

Andrea Metcalf, NBC5 fitness expert and contributor for and the Huffington Post has her  first book, Naked Fitness, coming out on December 28th.  The book isn’t about taking off your clothes, but it is about stripping down to the basics of health and fitness and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

First off, I know Andrea personally and besides that she’s just an overall amazing, powerful women and entrepreneur, she really knows her stuff.  I whole heartedly believe in all of the principles of the book and was honored to be part of a weeklong series of events she hosted where the book came to life via field trips to local businesses that fit into the views of the book.  The week was jam packed with information and there was no time for reflecting and writing, but what we all learned is so valuable that I’m going to re-live last week all this week via posts that will share the highlights of the experience so you can live it along with me and the rest of the Naked Fitness crew.


Naked Fitness Crew

One of the most amazing aspects of the Naked Fitness week was the bonding and great group of people I was able to connect with.  Some were already good friends such as Liz Strauss and Kelly Olexa.   With all of our busy schedules, we don’t get to connect very often, so the time we spent together was golden.  I was also able to connect and get to know new friends, Gail Goodwin, Jeanette Joy, Babette Pepaj, Scott Herman and many others who I’ll mention throughout the posts as the week goes on.  Thanks to all of you for making the week special and one that I won’t soon forget.

The Hotel Arista

Hotel Arista at night Hotel Arista Bathroom

There  were so many generous sponsors involved with the event, one of the most generous was the Hotel Arista, an echo  cheek  hotel in Naperville and the Olympus Fitness Center, a state of the art fitness center connected to the hotel.  The hotel is the first LEED certified hotel in Illinois, recycling 70% of construction waste, using 30% less water and 21% less energy than hotels of comparable size.   Besides being echo friendly, the hotel is beautiful and state of the art.  Our room had a TV inside the bathroom mirror and the entire structure is flooded with natural light thanks to an abundance of windows (the windows even open)!

Ea Sports Active

Thanks to Catherine  @easactivegirl from EA Sports for introducing us to the new EA Sports Active 2.   They just started selling the Sports Active 2 on November 16th and it can be used with the Wii, PS# and Kinect for Xbox.  Some of the benefits of the new product include heart rate monitoring and hands free action.  Personally, I love the fact that YOU choose which exercises you are going to take part in, time working out and activity level.  Right now, mine is fairly beginner, but I plan on watching improvements over time.  I’ll use the Active 2 to supplement my activity, not necessarily replace it, but during the winter, when it’s bitter cold, its nice to know I’ll have an alternative to schlepping to the gym or the monotony of my elliptical.  Here’s more about the Active 2 from Catherine…

Ea Sports Active

click on the picture to watch our video

Watch the Active 2 in action with this great video from Scott Herman

Special Thanks

pop chips cruiser Pop Chips and the pop chip guy chevy traverse

thanks popchips guy!

To PopChips who provided chips for all of us during the week (the Sea Salt and Vinegar are a must try) and GM who provided vehicles to travel to all of the amazing events and businesses we visited.

Wow, that was just day one.  Tired yet?!  Buckle up ’cause the week is just getting started and there are many more adventures to come.

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