Something to be Thankful For — abandoned kitty update

The woman who abandoned her cat, three days ago, when she got kicked out of her home came back today to see how she was. (see related post) My friend, luckily, was home and they came to my place so the woman could see her cat (her name is Beautiful as it turns out) and make sure it was in a good home.

The woman can’t take Beautiful back right now so I’m going to watch her for a few weeks (maybe longer) till she gets back on her feet. This is the woman’s intention but we don’t know what’s going to happen.  I’m keeping options open to find another permanent home for B.  She was very loving and you could tell it was incredibly hard for her to leave B behind, but she knew it was best for the cat.  She took my number and gave me hers and she asked when she could come and visit.  She left knowing that her cat was in good hands ’till she is in a position to take her back.

A Feeling of Profound Thankfulness has Hit Me Over the Head

A feeling of profound thankfulness has hit me over the head and I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have a home and a fridge filled with food and friends I can call on when things get rough.  I was being so judgmental about this woman losing her home and leaving her cat, but she was in marketing / advertising just like me. I’m not sure what happened but things can really turn on a dime.

We are All so Lucky

We are all so lucky for everything we have.  My guess is that everyone reading this post has a warm bed to jump into tonight and will leave Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow stuffed with a little too much turkey and maybe the Durkee green bean casserole or whipped sweet potatoes with the little mini marshmallows.  And during dinner we’ll all be tweeting pictures from our iPhones or Androids of our family and the yummy food we are enjoying and then maybe  just hang out and watch football or go to a movie.  All of will go on while Surrounded by family and friends.

Something to be Thankful For

I’ll do all of this, but instead of taking it for granted, I’m going to be so grateful for every minute of it.  There are so many other thoughts rolling through my head right now that I’m not sure what to do with so for now, I’m just going to just be thankful for my desk and laptop I’m typing from in the comfort of my home and my speedy fast internet connection.

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