Take that candy away from me!

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It’s been a while since I’ve checked in.  I stopped doing Seattle Sutton because I figured I could eat healthy on my own more cost-effectively, thereby also pursuing my financial goals.  That was going pretty well…until I happened across my kids halloween candy stash today.  I was munching down four-month-old stale chocolate.  It didn’t even taste good and I wasn’t hungry – yet I sure binged!  Then of course the post food guilt set in…

And the thing is…I now have a new reason to want to lose some weight.  I decided to take my first vacation in years!  I’m going to take my kids to Florida in March.  I’m thrilled to spend a week in warm weather and just relax (except for the non-relaxing days at Disney but that will surely be the highlight of the trip for my 4 year old son).  Eating when I’m not even hungry is just plain stupid!  Why do women do that?  I wasn’t even bored or depressed.  I really had no logical reason at all.

The financial stress of the Florida vacation is the only downside.  Here I am trying to gain control of my debt while trying to fix stuff around my house, and I’m splurging on a trip.  But I think this trip is just what me and my kids need.  It’s been a rough year, going through a divorce.  A family get-a-way is just what the doctor ordered. And luckily one of my brothers owns a house in Florida (though he won’t be there) so we have a free place to stay and even a car to use.  Only the airfare is what I have to worry about but yes I sure am stressed about it.  Of course prices just went up right after I got my time off approved at work.  Figures.  So I’m trying to shop around and get a halfway decent deal, but it’s looking like nonstop flights are out of the question unless I want to pay double (which I don’t).  Considering I’m traveling with kids and one is just 4, not too thrilled about connecting flights.  But he’ll probably just think it’s all one big adventure, so it’ll all work out just fine.

Maybe that trip will help with my insomnia.  It’s 4am now – I’ve been up since midnight.  I’m finally starting to feel tired but I need to get up for work in 2 hours!!  I really should try doing some yoga or something.  I am positive that a few days of relaxing on a beach will help.

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