Today I am a Hunter

Today I am shifting the way I operate.  Today and every day moving forward, I will be a hunter.  I will set a goal, create a plan, gather the necessary resources and go after what I desire with a fervor that shake things up a bit (in a good way.)  I’ve always worked hard, but have had the attitude that things happen for a reason and that everything that needs to come into my life will.   I, luckily have business opportunities, speaking opportunities, etc, come to me.  That has served me very well as I’ve grown my career and  now business, but it’s time for more.

There’s Huge Opportunity in Harvesting the Entire Tree

What I’ve come to realize is that only working on what comes to me is like limiting my diet to low hanging fruit.  It works, leaves out the huge opportunity of harvesting the entire tree.  I see people around me calling conferences asking for speaking opportunities, hunting down client and sponsorship opportunities — all the while spinning things to their advantage even when they aren’t giving the whole story.   I see people positioning themselves as experts, not because they are, but because they get themselves out there while others are moving mountains.

I’m learning from others successes but will make sure to include full disclosure in my pitches.  I will educate the people I interact with about the value of data and make sure they have a clear picture of the value I bring to the table.  Today, I hunt.

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One Response to “Today I am a Hunter”

  1. I loved this! It is EXACTLY the feeling I have had about how things happen for a reason and what I need will come, etc. Definitely makes me want to strive for more.