Wednesday Weigh-in July 18th, 2012

Today’s weight 168

I’ve lost less than a lb a week if you average out my weight loss since I started dieting in February.  Not very encouraging, but at least the scale is moving in the right direction.  Cutting out down on the white flour, sugar, etc has been good, but notice how I say cut down and not out.  Completely cutting out the bad foods has been difficult for several reasons.

1.  The ginormous jug of Hershey’s syrup that I keep in my fridge to make my signature mint chocolate brownies and the happy hippo chocolate wafers I forgot were in my pantry.  I pitches the hippos but kept the syrup, because it seemed wasteful to just throw it away.  My goal is to get all of the unhealthy foods out of my house and only bring in healthy foods.

2.  There’s sugar in practically EVERYTHING.  You can’t event have ketchup on something with out consuming sugar.  For now, I’m cutting out OBVIOUS sugar and white flour, rice, etc….  Brownies, cookies, bread, Hershey’s syrup.  🙂  Cutting down isn’t cutting out, but it’s a huge improvement over how I was eating before.

3.  And seriously, I can’t get a handle on staying hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water has always been easy for me.  Staying on top of keeping hydrated has never been a problem.  This summer has been a hot one and my long weekend runs (one hour or more) are wiping me out and consistently getting me sick.  For a while, I was drinking Vitamin Water Revive pre and post weekend jog, but stopped when I cut out sugar.  I was still dehydrated, but not to the level of feeling nauseous and sick EVERY time I go for a run.  I’ve been drinking coconut water the past few weeks, but it hasn’t helped much.  I’ll be looking for other options, but I’m not going to stop my long jogs on the weekend.

Cutting Out the White Stuff Does Make a Difference

For about 5 days I completely cut out sugar and white carbs.  I started sleeping better and feeling lighter and the weight started coming off again.  I might give my self control another go and try completely cutting everything out.  I’d like to get to 172 or less by my next Digital Megaphone event on August 21st.  We’ll see how it goes.


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