Weekly Weigh-in – Week 2

Down .5 lbs, which is kind of a rounding error, but I’ll take it!!  Here’s what worked

I STARTED to eat better and track what I was eating. I also started wearing my fitbit again, which made me more aware of the fact that I really have to work hard to get the steps in.  Not like it’s hard to walk, but when I work from home, the walking can really be a minimum — I’m talking 3,000 or less steps for the day.  I am continuing to walk back and fourth to the EL every day or take public transportation so I have to do more talking.

I’m also starting the Mamavataion 2 week challenge.  The challenge was created by my bestie @bookieboo — she’s lost over 100lbs and is a huge advocate for working out and living a healthy lifestyle. It just started yesterday, so if you hustle, you can join in on the fun!


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