Wondering how to eat healthy at SXSW? Yes, me too.

I’m at SXSW for the first time, which is very exciting but potentially fattening  – just like the rest of my life!  The Year of Hope has taken longer to take off than I expected. There’s always a party or dinner I need to attend and I’ve been living my life thinking that – “I’ll start my diet after my next big event” or “once I go to this dinner or that fundraiser…” 

So I picked one of the hardest times imaginable to get serious and treat my health and fitness like it’s the most important thing in my life.  At a conference!!  Not only any conference but one in a state that’s slogan is “Everything is Bigger in Texas.”  Nice, I know. 

So here are my tips for eating healthy the rest of your time at SXSW AND on the road in general.  I’m just getting started so PLEASE, PLEASE  give me your advice too. 

1.  If it comes in a waffle cone, it’s probably not healthy 

There are several food choices here at the convention center,  one of which is a waffle cone filled with fried chicken.  I took a pass.  I can’t imagine how many calories were in that thing.  As tasty as I’m sure it was, it’s not worth the calories.  Here are some other unhealthy choices: 

SXSW Sausage

SXSW Sausage


SXSW Street Bacon

SXSW Street Bacon






2. So many bad choices, but luckily a few good ones

There aren’t any grocery stores within a few blocks of the convention; however there is a Whole Foods at 6th and Lamar.  For those of us without time to run over there here are a few healthy choices.  The coffee shop at the Hyatt has fresh fruit and egg and cheese wraps at a reasonable cost of $2.50 each.  The convention center is a bit pricier with a veggie wrap for $6.75, fresh whole fruit for $2.00 and cut fruit mix for $4.50.  They also have salads, but they are all made from Iceberg.   So if you like that you’ll be set.  The blogger lounge also has healthy fruit and cheese as an afternoon snack.  Thanks to @barrymoltz for the Laura Bar and @girlfriendology for the Zone Perfect. I’m not a big fan of the sugary sports bars, but they did come through in a pinch.

Blogger Lounge Fruit

SXSW Blogger Lounge Fruit, Crackers and Cheese





Beside the cheese and egg burrito, there’s a total lack of good protein around here.  A trip to Whole Foods and a room with a fridge could fix that

4. Staying a few miles away isn’t all bad

We had a choice between a motel that was 1.5 miles away and nicer hotel that was 5 miles away on the shuttle route.  We went for the motel.  As basic as it is, I figured that I’d rather start my day out with a walk than a shuttle ride.  Next year, I’ll get something closer and than just go for a walk in the morning.  Being far away is nice for a walk in the morning but a HUGE hassle when it comes to changing for events. 

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