Year of Hope – Updates

First off, a huge thanks to John Digles and everyone else who has asked how The Year of Hope is going. There’s a very logical explanation regarding why there haven’t been many updates on the site —  I’ve been avoiding writing because I’ve been pretty stuck at the same weight, but am excited to say that I finally had a HUGE breakthrough and actually lost 5lbs since the beginning of my weight lost efforts!

I’ll be writing more about what’s been going on, both good and bad, but for now, I wanted to acknowledge everyone who has been so essential to my efforts.

The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet delivers fresh, portioned controlled food to my door every day.  Really great, high quality meals. I learned about the through a Groupon, where I purchased a months worth.  I then went onto purchase a few weeks on my one and they eventually came on board as The Year of Hope sponsors, providing me with food for three months.  I have been very happy with the program and would recommend them to anyone who’s busy and doesn’t have time to do a great deal of cooking.

They also gave me a discount code to pass onto all of you order and use the code, “social” and you will get  a month’s worth of daily meals for only $29.00 a day.  This is a fantastic deal considering the quality of the food.

Kathy Kaehler

kathy Kaehler

Kathy Kaehler has great, free videos that have simple, easy to do exercises where you actually can feel the burn!!  She also introduced me to Usana, who was nice enough to give me a month’s supply of vitamins.  What I liked most about the Usana is that I received a personalized pack of vitamins based on my needs.  I answered questions on the and they send me vitamins customized just for me!! I noticed an instant improvement in my concentration, and wasn’t surprised to find that ginkgo was part of my pack!

Fit Bit

I absolutely love my fit bit! It’s like a pedometer on steroids – It tracks your daily steps, miles traveled and calories burned.  I’m most confidant in the steps and miles traveled burned.  The unit retails for $99, but I purchased on e-bay for about $175 since they were on back order when I heard about it.   I actually tested out several different pedometer like items and will be writing about them in more detail – and event auctioning some off.

NBC5’s Andrea Metcalf and her Naked Fitness Program – Thanks to Andrea for including me as one of 30 people who were picked to be part of her Naked Fitness 30 day Challenge.  Tomorrow is the second to last weigh-in and my weight loss really started making traction when the Challenge started.  Andrea has been great about giving tips to get me back on track.   She’s also introduced me to some great sample products.  More on that later too!

So, now you are all caught up with the 30,000 foot overview  – More details to come.

Next steps – incorporating strength training into my workout.  I’ve ONLY been doing cardio.

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